Why Mac and Cheese?


You may be wondering why i choose to use Mac and Cheese as the title of my blog post, so I thought I might as well start there..

My name is Mackenzie and with that name comes with ALOT of nicknames, example : Mackenz, Mac, Kenzie, Kenz,Ken, KiKi ( that’s what my nephews call me). I hear it all from different people.

My Fiance Perry calls me Macaroni, not sure why because I don’t even eat that much macaroni! I mean I like it, but not enough that I should get a nick name from it.

The funnest thing is he even uses it as some sort of cute pet name like babe or hun. When he calls me his Macaroni I usually respond with ” your my cheese”.

The weekend Perry proposed ( I will post about this later) we went to Banff National Park and while walking around the cute town of Banff I spotted this sign that said “You are the Cheese to my macaroni” and  I just knew I had to have it! It was honestly so perfect and I couldn’t have imagined finding anything better to remember that special weekend.




Have a great Thursday!

Mackenzie aka Macaroni


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