Why I Started a Blog

Why did I start my own blog.?

I mean I LOOOOOOOVE blogs in general ( all types) I pretty much read 10 different blogs everyday ( yup, slightly obsessed).I find  their is always so much you can learn from blogs and I often  get so inspired by other bloggers with there  DIY,cooking and  gardening projects!

So I thought, why not start one of my own! I have things I could share! 

I  like the idea of having a platform to write about the things that are on my mind, my experiences, life lessons, life hacks, yoga, healthy eating and gardening.

I also love to constantly challenge myself with little health challenges, workouts, eating better and I think this space will help me stick to my challenges. A place where I know I will be held accountable.

Another reason I decided to start this blog is that I am getting married this year ( end of August) and I want to use this place to journal it all so i can look back at this crazy/exciting time in my life.

This is my journey, as a badass open hearted hippe feel free to follow along!

Mackenzie Very 




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