The Proposal.




To be honest, I always dreamed of having a seriously romantic proposal.  you know,something with a lot of planning like a hike or helicopter ride that ends with roses and champagne at the top of the mountain! Possibly even a photographer sneakily  following you both ready to capture that magical moment.

Well, that was always how I thought being proposed to would be like…but that’s not really how it happened for us.

Back tracking a bit..

Every year we celebrate our anniversary in this cute town in the mountains called Banff. We have been together since high school ( minus a couple of years where we took a break) so this anniversary was marking our 8 years.

I am not going to lie I had a feeling that he might propose that weekend, but he was being so casual about everything and was letting me book things, and make plans so at the same time I didn’t think he would.

The first night in Banff we made a res ovation at this cute fondue restaurant called The  Grizzly House ( if you have never been and you live near the area, I promise you it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself).

As we were walking to dinner, Perry wanted to stop off at this cute ( but very packed) little candy store first ( where he was planning on popping the question….) THANKFULLY the candy store was closed ( I say thankfully because I would have hated to be in a store full of people).

Perry, not having any other plan ended up having to improvise and luckily had a pair of gloves in his pocket of which he “accidentally dropped” one on the ground, forcing me to pick it up.

As I went to pick up his glove, I looked up as he grabbed my hand , got down on one knee holding the ring box!

I would love to say at that point I leaped into his arms and said YES!!!  but honestly, I just stared at him, saying OMG, omg .. Partially cause I was shocked he decided to just propose right there!

After a few moments, he said I really need an answer babe, is that a yes? hahah YES!!!I said ( Obviously) .

We walked around the town for a little bit before dinner, feeling every emotion and almost awkward with each other hahah. I will say, it feels so weird when you first get engaged, it’s almost like we kept looking at each other and thinking ” holy shit!!!!” were actually doing this!

Even though my engagement wasn’t at all how I wanted to it to be or how I was hoping it was going to be, I know now that when that moment happens, it really does not matter how it happens.

The fact that someone is proposing to spend their life with you is so big in itself that the little things are don’t matter at all.


Candy Store where he proposed



walk after dinner


This cute spa we went to the morning after!( hands down one of the best massages I have ever had) 




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