Exciting news! Invitations come in last night! Now when I say exciting I really mean a huge weight off of my shoulders!

So far the invitations for me have been the most challenging! For one, there are so many designs and company’s you can go to and use, you can design your own ( which was our original thought), you can do a paperless ones, the options are endless. For two,  I just don’t know how many people actually keep or really care about the invites, so how much effort did I really want to spend?

We were originally  thinking of making our own invites but once actually having to design, create, make a matching RSVP and find envelops we liked I decided that this was way way waaaaaaaay to much work.

Looking around at websites that you could order personalized invitations was honestly a serious job! After a few days of looking around on websites and playing with some designs, we finally found a design that we really liked and one that was perfect for our theme (rustic).

We ended up using invitations by dawn which is an American company ( could you believe I couldn’t find a local Canadian company!?)

She had lots of selections for designs and I felt like the  inventory was priced very fair! I was even supper impressed when after I submitted my design I sow a similar design but better then what we had!

I reached out to the company and asked if they were able to change the design to the way I had saw and they got back to me right away with the changes!

Not only that but they came in the mail super fast, which with invites its super nice because in my experience  the sooner you get them out the better!

I spent  last night stuffing envelopes and writing address and mailed them off this morning!! *AHHHH* Huge sigh of relief!

One more  thing is checked off the check list and a big thing at that!

What would you say the hardest part of wedding planning was ?

I would love to hear other stories!

Cant believe its already hump day! We are half way there folks 🙂





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