Beauty Is Bold. Beauty Is Kind.


Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was fantastic! I know mine was and defiantly needed!

Here’s the thing, after years of unknowingly  poisoning myself with chemical filled skin care products, a careless and harmful diet, and a whole list of other toxins, I finally started caring about my health about six  years ago.

It started off  learning all about our food system ( SO NASTY) and learning about all of the issues that we are facing ( to many mouths to feed, FDA can’t keep up with the GMO’s, and let’s be honest.. company’s *Cough* Monsanto *COUGH* only caring about money)  which started  my obsessive researching on how these chemicals  were effecting other parts of my life.

One of the first  changes I made  when converting over to a chemical free life style was my makeup and skin care!

If you think about it, our skin is the largest organ of our body which is filled with millions of pores that absorb what ever we put on our skin. The readily available makeup that is sold  at the stores is generally full of harmful chemicals and often is tested on animals to ensure our safety.. poor animals!

When i was first looking for products that were not only plant-based but also cruelty free, I had a hard time knowing what was good/worked with my skin and what didn’t and I was finding it challenging to sift through the clutter.

luckily I came across this subscription box called Petti Vour.


Petti Vour is a company that sells all types of vegan/cruelty free beauty products, including skin care, makeup, hair and nail care.

What I really like about them, is that you can subscribe to one of their monthly boxes and you get 4  beauty miniature products for you to test ( the samples are generously sized and sometimes full-sized) so you have enough product to figure out if it is right for you or not.

One a month ( usually beginning) you get this fun package in your mail ( so much better than bills)  and you can test the products you like and get rid of the ones you don’t!

I wanted to share with you this months Petti Vou box along with my thoughts about the products.


Honestly, Its like your birthday every month and two of these products were full size this month.



Ingrdients for teeth whitner are: Coconut oil, Calcuium Bentonite Clay, Organge Peel extract, Frankicence, Mint Extract ( all organic)



The first product Smart Ash it the little round  product with the black lid – it is an all natural organic teeth whitener made from black ash. The ash is known to pull the stairs from your teeth as opposed to scrubbing them off so it is much better for you teeth and enamel  than the conventional teeth whiteners.

The second product KUMARI ( green jar) is a bath and body oil made with organic chamomile, olive and coconut oil. I am currently using it with my dry brush as well as while I am soaking the bath. So far my skin has felt so moisturized and good  and living if you live in  Calgary, Alberta you know the extra moisture is needed!

The third project JURA Hand and Nail Balm( the black tube) is a coconut lime smelling hand and body lotion. This was great for me because a. I am an obsessive hand washer so it was great that I could easily just put this little tube in my purse and use when ever I needed. B) I loved the smell!

The fourth products STUDIO 78 PARIS ( the pink tub). This product is organic  free makeup however i am not entirely sure what this specific product is…. I tried it on my eyelids as an eye shadow and it worked pretty well.  I also tried it on my cheeks as a blush, this also worked pretty well. I am not sure how this was meant to be used but its safe to say that it could be used in multiple different ways!

I am going to be spending the next month testing these products out to see if there is anything I would want to order in full size as a staple.

I will give you and update once I have been able to test the products more thoroughly .

If you are interested in tying out Petti Vou I have attached the link below. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

Mackenzie Very



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