Cold Showers : My 7 day Challenge




Like most people, I really enjoy taking hot, steamy showers ( this is actual heaven to me as I have bad circulation and I am always cold).

I remember when I was a kid I’d stand under the shower head and fall into a deep trance of relaxation, completely losing track of time and telling my self “OK 1 more minute before you have to get out” which would turn into 10 more and so on.

To be honest, a month ago I  would never have been willingly to take a cold shower. But in a constant effort to challenging myself, I have been reading and hearing a lot about the benefits of a cold shower (still unwilling) and it wasn’t until i joined a Kundalini yoga workshop and was asked to have a cold shower everyday for 7 days that i actually decided to try it.

My First Cold Shower

I took my first cold shower yesterday and it was harder to stay in the water then I thought!I mean I knew this was going to be hard.. but WOWZA.

Now when I say I took a cold shower what I really mean was I had a hot shower until the last 30 secs and then I stood  in cold water front and back for about 15 second each side before I wrapped myself in a towel and cried like a baby. BUT HOLY CRAP. IT was COLD!

Instantly, my body got tense and I thought I was going to die of hypothermia. It was painful, and I was very, very tempted to turn the knob back to hot after only a few seconds but I stayed strong… for 30 seconds.

I have heard from several other people who take cold showers that if you keep with the cold showers for 7 days straight, you will feel like a completely new person! That sounds awesome, and  is defiantly a good motivation to at least try it!

On top of that is there are obviously several  other benefits ( or else why would anyone do this willingly?) including :

  • Improved immunity. …who couldn’t use a stronger immunity
  • Increased energy. … again.. I could always use a bit more energy!
  • Weight loss. … well this isn’t a big deal for me, but for people who are struggling with weight loss this could be a something to try!
  • Relief from symptoms of depression. …
  • Decreased stress. …Yes Please!!!!
  • Refined hair and skin. …YAS QUEEN!
  • Improved breathing, body oxygenation, and blood circulation…. this would also be fantastic, especially for my poor circulation!

So today is officially day 2 with cold showers( I will take it tonight) hopefully a little less painful than the first time ( it will get easier every time.. right?)

I will let you all know my progress and what I noticed after 7 days straight of this craziness!

Has anyone else tried a cold shower? If so, did you find it helped?  or is this just some self-torture scheme that is actually bull shit?

Anyway I guess I will find out in 7 days!

Hoping you all enjoy your Tuesday and Warm Showers…

Mackenzie Very





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