100 Wishes



I started the practice last year of writing in a gratitude journal everyday. At this point I usually jot down 3 or 4 things I am grateful for at that moment starting at the beginning  of my day.

Doing this practice on a daily basis, I have defiantly noticed a difference with my out look on just life in general!

I find I wake up with a smile more often than not, I can see the positives even in a negative situation and to be honest I just feel more content with life!

In my Kundalini yoga workshop that I have been attending, we were asked to sit down and write 100 wishes.The wishes could be your most dearest, your biggest desires, or small little things. Just write everything you can think of.

I thought this was a really neat exercise and something that complimented my gratitude journal. The next morning, I sat down and wrote out my 100 wishes… I will say it was harder than I thought!

What I found from this exercise was I didn’t need 100 wishes, I am actually super content with my life and how it’s unraveling. I did find that writing your wishes on paper was just solidifying what you want. It was clear. you could see it right in front of you and it was easy to process.

After you have written down your wishes, all you have to do is think about them and ask your self what can I do to make these wishes happen?  Its usually the smallest steps that make the biggest impact, am I  right!


Here are a few things that were on my list – don’t worry not all 100.. that would be boring for you.

100 Wishes

  1. My health

  2. Happiness

  3. Have a successful wedding

  4. Go without my phone for a week – that is more of a challenge..but a wish.

  5. Live my truth

  6. Find bliss in every step

  7. Love and accept myself at all times

  8. Let go of the little things

  9. Live in love not in fear

  10. Laugh More

  11. Dance More

  12. Forgive easier

  13. Spend More time in nature

  14. Get my 500 hour Yoga teacher training certificate

  15. Travel to India

  16. Travel the world

  17. Make some blogging Friends

  18. Become a better cook

  19. Buy A home

  20. Have babies

  21. Grow a massive garden

  22. Closer connection to my family & friends

  23. learn more about yoga

  24. be tidy

  25. Stress less


Have you ever made a 100 wish list before? What kinda stuff is on your list? did you find anything came from it?

P.S. Never forget to say “Thank you”! Keep a gratitude list or maybe start one up. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face for that gift of the day ahead of me and I never forget to give thanks for the things I receive.

I can say one thing, I am extremely grateful for today and everyday but also it is Thursday!!!!! Which means one more day until the weekend! YAY.

Have a great day and I hope you find all of the things you are grateful for today.


Mackenzie Very


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