Challenge Update.


Happy Monday All!

Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine was!

I  had a lazy, do what ever I felt like kinda weekend! It was super fantastic and just what I needed to reset.

Sunday also marked the last day of my 7 day cold shower challenge!!

I wanted to share a little bit of what I discovered in my challenge.

The first few days I was doing the challenge, i had the water on really cold.. I mean like ice cube cold. After a  few days of trying this and getting very little time in the cold water, I decided to warm the water up a bit so i could actually stand in the water for longer then a few seconds at a time.

I found the perfect temperature for me was like pool water.. its cold enough to get the benefits but not to cold that you can’t stand it.

One big thing I noticed right after the shower’s  was how much energy I had after. Very different from how relaxed and calm I feel after a hot shower. So for me, taking the cold showers  in the mornings was the best time.

I also like the idea of keeping with the cold shower in the morning to start the day .Its super refashioning and cleansing, and it wakes you up!

After 7 days of doing the cold showers consecutively here is what i noticed.

  1. Surge of energy after the shower
  2. My feet and hands have been less cold ( improved circulation possibly?)

I think the more internal benefits would be noticeable after more time.

If you are considering trying the cold showers out, here are a few tricks I learnt:

  1. Don’t get hair wet.. especially if you have long hair like myself. Cold scalps = you will be cold for so long after.
  2. Find the perfect pool water temperature and do the last 30 seconds colder at the end of the shower. – This just helps with making the shower a little more enjoyable.
  3. Pat yourself dry as soon as you are out of the shower. – This seems obvious, but at first I was just wrapping the towel around me embracing in the warmth except I was really freezing because all i could feel was the air hitting the cold water on my skin.. brr. Just dry off ASAP! you will be glad you did.

If any one else has some tips or tricks to this cold shower thing let me know!

Hope you all have a great Monday!







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