Photos from the week.

Hi Guys,

Have you heard the good news?  Its Friday!!!!!!  Can you tell I live for the weekend? ;P

This weekend is supposed to be rainy and cold in Calgary so that kind of sucks.  Not because I hate the rain, I actually love the rain.  It sucks because I have a hike planned with a lunch picnic , getting my greenhouse in shape, hitting up the outside farmers market.. so as you can see not ideal plans for the rain  but I will make it work!

What are your plans for the weekend?

I hope whatever they are that you have a great one!




I may be bias, but this dog is the cutest thing around.


Lemon and cucumber water – My fav.



This was a few products that I got from my Topbox subscription.  I will do a post of these.


Home made mint cucumber  sugar scrub


This was from the Selena Gomez concert I went to last week. We got back stage passes to meet her and take a backstage tour so my friend made us matching jerseys that said “Selentators” apparently that’s a legit Selena Gomez group. Ya,  that is right I am a Selenator.


Hope you all have a great weekend!!!



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