Stepping out of my thoughts, and into my freedom


I can’t tell you how much meditation has improved my life. I use to be in my head all the time, constant worries and stress was my life.

Besides all of the scientific facts of how good mediation is for you, I also noticed that meditation helped me just be. as I was. no need to change. just let it be.

I never felt happy of where I was  in life, never felt like I was good enough and I wanted to control everything! This was a tiring way to live.

My meditation practice helped me be realize that things are what they are and  I’m ok with that. To roll with the punches, to accept everything that is thrown at me and know its going to be fine.

December, 10th  2015 I decided I was going to commit myself to start meditating every morning. Today, 6 months later, I have stuck to that commitment and I now have a wonderful meditative practice that I am super thankful for.

I think the biggest thing for me, was that I had learnt about meditation first. I think there are a ton of misconceptions of “how to meditate” or where you need to meditate or what meditation should look like.

I know for me, before I learnt about meditation I had this idea that you had to sit quietly cross-legged in a dark room, burning incense for like an hour just breathing. I never understood the idea of presence and I certainly knew I was not the type of person who could sit still for that long.

I learnt all about meditation when I took my Yoga teacher training a few years ago. I learnt about focused attention meditation (focusing on the present moment accepting and not judging all that arises) Metta meditation ( Loving kindness), Mantra Meditation ( this is where you chant a mantra over and over again in your head – this is where the mala beads come into play as they use them for counting how there mantras). Kundalini, Third eye meditation.. and if you are thinking about now, wow there are that many different type of meditations.. that’s only a few.


Learning all types of meditation helped me find what worked for me. I am not the kind of person who can just sit still in a quiet room, my mind is so busy and I need something concrete to keep me present.

The meditation that worked best for me was a focus attention meditation and get this.. I do it on the train, while I am on my way to work… crazy right!

I love doing my meditation on the train because there is so much going on. The noises the train and people are making, the energy on the train, the movement on the train. There is so much that can keep me focused in the present moment.

So here is how I meditate on the train.

  1. I find a seat. If no seat are available I find a place I can hold on to something at least to support myself.
  2. Find a spot to gaze at or close your eyes if you can ( I like to close my eyes is possible, it helps me become more aware ) – make sure you comfortable if possible.
  3. Become aware of the space around you in the room. Start taking deep breaths in through the nose and out, notice the smells. While you’re doing this noticing how the body softens with each breath.
  4. Start to feel the weight of the body, feeling the sensations of your body resting again the seat or the soles of your feet again the floor. Starting to bring the mind into the body as you become more aware of physical senses.
  5. Bring attention back to the body  starting at the top of head and doing a body scan – noticing whats tight or tense – whats relax. Not judging anything you feel or notice, just building up a picture of how the body feels.
  6. Notice where in the body you feel your breath, noticing your breath rhythm
  7. Start counting your  breath. inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3 .. keep going until 10. Once you have reached 10 start back at one. If a thought makes you lose count, start back at 1.
  8. Begin to notice any sounds. This can be seen as something that gets in the way of a quiet mind but it is actually bringing our minds into he presence – Sounds can be impulsive and can come from anything.
  9. Bring attention back to the body.
  10. Notice how you feel after. I get this feeling of spaciousness and wakefulness after I meditate, like I have just recharged my batteries.

I usually meditate for the entire train ride to and back from work which is about 30 minutes each way.


So my point of this blog post is if you are interested in starting up a mediation practice,  is it is all about finding what works for you and it doesn’t have to look any particular way.

Do any of you guys have a meditation practice? If so what do you like to do?










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