Weather,Wedding & Updates.


We found this rock when we were looking at our venue. We felt like it was a sign that it was the right venue.


Today is the first nice day from a week straight of rain and I am loving it!

I actually plan to go running outside in a few hours, probably going to wear short shorts.. hoping to get some tan on these crazy white legs of mine!

I actually am not a big fan of tanning, but I am getting married in 94 days… 94 DAYS PEOPLE! a little freaked out.

Anyway I need to look my best, and my gross white legs is hardly my best.

Speaking of my wedding, I freaking.. have you picked up on that yet? I am not worried about the person I am getting married to or the marriage itself. I am freaking out about the fact that I still have 50 something items on my checklist that needs to get complete and I am running out of time. I actually had a tiny melt down this weekend and when Perry noticed, he dropped his plans so we could get a few wedding things done. It was so sweet of him and thankfully he did,  because we got one huge thing out of the way – our rings!

Afterwards  we went for a fantastic lunch at this cute pub downtown and talked about how we were going to accomplish the rest of the tasks.



This was soo good!


For whatever reason, planning this wedding for me has not really been fun or enjoyable for me. I mean there are certain parts that are fun but most of the stuff that needs to get done SUCKS!

I also am not so much of a details person.. so the little details that are included in this joyous event is slowly killing me one at a time. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be fine.


This was from this beautiful bridal store we visited this weekend called Pearl and Dot!

On another note, I noticed after doing the cold shower challenge that I have been going for warmer/ cooler showers lately.. and it’s my choice!  I actually look forward to the cooler water which is so weird because I LOVE my hot showers! So that’s something.

I also wanted to give an update on my 30 day water challenge. So far it’s been ok, like I mentioned before in my post here, I am not a water drinker.. I don’t overly enjoy water. If I can prepare my water with herbs and fruit I usually drink water with no problem.  The days where I only have time to throw some water in my jar has been harder for me to do.  My skin is feeling much more hydrated though!


Anyway, I hope you have a great  Wednesday !


Mackenzie Very


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