It’s the new thing to do.

Good Morning,

Hope you all had a fabulous night! I ended up watching my nephew Levi last night for a few hours which I love because I am obsessed with my nephews ( I have three).

We also had a crazy sun shower last night which is not very common in this part of town. Diesel and I soaked it up though, we walked through the warm rain, listening to the birds, enjoying the smell of that fresh rain air. mm. I tell you, the little things in life are soo good.

Anyway, moving on. I am curious how many people have been listening to Podcasts? I mean It is the new thing to be listening to right now!


Podcasts are still  fairly new, so most Podcasts are still free to listen to week after week. It’s like a show but your listening to it instead! I like to listen to my podcasts while I am at work, or while I am walking diesel.

The other cool thing about podcasts is that just like a show, you can listen to all sorts of different things. I have my informational, inspirational, funny and raunchy podcasts that I listen to on a weekly basis and I seriously can’t get enough!

The Podcasts that I am currently listening to now are

  1. Zen for everyday life – This is obviously a spiritual podcast that talks about being mindful in your normal day-to-day routine and it also has a ton of great guided meditations.

2. Yoga podcastt – This one is another spiritual  podcast that talks about all things yoga! As I am a yoga teacher I love this and learn so much from these episodes.

3. Optimal Living – This guy finds good articles from blogs and reads them to you. He usually focuses on articles  that help optimize your life so to speak. These episodes are short but motivational!

4. My Seven Chakras – Another yoga Podcast that I love and get so much information from! Good for me and for my students!

5. Naturally Nicole – Ok, so this is where is gets kinda funny/raunchy. This podcast is done my Snooki from Jersey Shore. If you have seen that show, that’s all I need to say.She is funny, uncensored and is usually just talking about the Hollywood gossip. It a fun.

6. Not Safe Podcast with Nikki Glacer– This podcast says it all in the title. It’s not safe for any little ones ears.. maybe not even for some big ones ears. I like it because it just so real and you can’t find that kinda talk show that talks about this kinda stuff.

7. The lady Gang–  I love this podcast because I feel like I am having coffee with a bunch of girlfriends. They talk about all the things I love to talk as a lady and they are so funny! I think I have LOL out loud a few times at my desk while listening to them.

8. Here to Make Friends – This is only relevant to you if you watch Bachelor or Bachelorette on TV. They basically re-cap the show and again, it just feels like your curling up with friends and gossiping about the show after.

Those are a few of my favorite Podcasts, I woudl love to discover so new ones!

Do you guys listen to Podcasts?  Any you would recommend ??

Have a great day,




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