Photos from the week.

Ola to all!

Looks like it is going to be another rainy weekend in Calgs ( Calgary) which means I won’t be able to work on my greenhouse again this weekend.  I am actually kind of bummed out about it because  the greenhouse is in desperate need of some TLC and the weekends are usually the only days I have time to actually work on that kind of stuff.

Instead we decided this weekend Perry and I  are going to try to get Perry  a custom-made suite! I know that sounds crazy, but with  the amount of weddings and events we have going on in the next little while, so I am looking at it as an investment. It is  so easy for guys! Girls buy one dress and can only where it for an occasion or two. A guy can buy a suit and where it every occasion, ahhh the life of a guy I tell you…but that’s another blog post all in itself 🙂

I am also starting my “Wedding Skin routine”  if that’s what you call it. I basically found a great deal on facials and so I am having my first one tomorrow! I never really get facials so I am really excited! Hopefully I don’t break out too bad… but better now than on the wedding day, right! All I want is glowing clear skin…. Is that too much to ask for?

Anyway, here are a few photos from my phone this week.


This Taco Salad was from the farm that we are getting married at. All of their food is straight off the farm and o so fresh! If you are ever in Calgary, check out The Saskatoon Farm.


I have a TopBox subscription and this month I got some awesome goodies! Not organic, but still some good finds. I did the hair mask the other night and my hair has never been so soft!


This is what I wake up to every morning! He actually pulls the blankets off of us and hides his self under them. He is a weird dog. I just love him!


Tried this out. It’s all natural .. .not sure what I think at this moment. I will let you guys know when I have more of an opinion.


Ok, so we went to dinner last week at the Long View Steakhouse. I had never been and I must say it was the best experience I have ever had! Their service, the food, everything was top-notch! I also loved that all of their food also came right off of their land!


Of  course I had to do  a little yoga while Perry and I  we were on this amazing hike! #yogaeverywhere


My go to lunch .. Beet and Kale Salad with a Cardomen Raspberry juice. Cant get better than that!


This sunrise was so beautiful! It actually made me stop in my tracks.. I guess that is the one good thing about going to work early. I always catch the sunrise!


Burger joint with one of my besties.  Love good food and good company!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Mackenzie V.



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