Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

The weather this weekend ended up being much nicer than what  was predicted which was such a great surprise because I was actually able to get some much-needed greenhouse time in and Perry and I managed to get out for a nice bike ride on Sunday. There is just something about submerging myself in nature that makes me feel at complete peace.


Here is the greenhouse in its current state. As you can tell, nothing has been to it since last summer.


At this point, everything is either dead or over grown, lets just say its a project.


Love me some  farmers markets.


A few goodies I came home with from the market.. the picture is blurry but that is local, handmade lemon curd and wild berry ice cream right there! No words people. No words. If you are every in Calgary, I highly suggest trying some Made By Marcus Ice cream. You wont be sorry!


Saturday morning I started the day off with my first facial! It was really great. I took a picture of before and after so I could see if there was a noticeable difference once the facial was over. I defiantly felt like my skin was glowing after! I am excited to see what my skin will look like after a few months of facials. I think if I keep consistent with them and keep up with drinking my water there is no way my skin won’t look great by the summer!


I also finished my last week of my 6 week Kundalini course and attended a 1 day advance critical alignment course, It was super fun! We mostly focused on the spin in poses such as backbends, down dog and headstands such as scorpion pose.

I feel like I am a little bit addicted to learning anything that has to do with yoga. Anytime a course comes my way or a new book I am on it! I guess it’s because Yoga is so broad, there is so much to it, so much to learn about it and so many ways to integrate it into your life.


teaching us all about critical Alignment


Here are a few photos from the course.

Anyway Hope you all have a great weekend or maybe you’re enjoying a long weekend today for memorial day!

Mackenzie Very


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