Spicy Indian Pizza

I am one of those people who love searching for new recipes and trying them out. Most of the time they end of being pretty good, some not so good ( thanks babe for putting up with my constant experimenting ) and some that I will keep around and use over and over again.

At least twice a week I get home past the usual 6:00PM dinner time and I am usually borderline hangery by the time I walk in the door. On thoes days, I need a fast/ healthy dinner or else I am just going to resort to cereal…which I not always mad about.

I found this Spicy Indian Pizza on the internet years ago and it has been a go to of mine ever since! It literally takes 10 minutes to make and it is delicious!  This pizza is vegetarian  as Perry and I try to only eat meat a few times a week, but it would be simple enough to add chicken or your preferred protein.



Spicy Indian Pizza Recipe 

You will need:

Spicy Tandoori Indian  Paste
Tomato Paste Sauce
Plain Yogurt – I really like the Krema brand.
Mozerella Cheese
Sliced Mango
Sliced Red Onion
Sliced Roma Tomato
Cilantro to Garnish
Naan Bread ( I like to buy the frozen Nan so I can pull them out when I need)

Making the sauce:

Step 1: Mix together  1/2 – 1 table-spoon of tandoori paste, be careful, this stuff has a ZING. If you like spicy I would use closer to a table spoon.

1 table-spoon plain yogurt

1/2 cup tomato pasta

Step 2: Grate the Cheese, Cut your onions ( wipe your tears), Cut the mango

Step 3: Spread (the sauce) sprinkle (the cheese) and arrange the onions,and tomatoes ( Perry and I keep these fresh)

Step 4: Bake at 350 F for 10-12 minutes 

Step 5:
Place mango and garnish with Cilantro  
Step 6: Enjoy!
I would love to hear what your go to meals are!

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