The Perfect Weekend.

I just had the perfect weekend.

I mentioned on Friday I was having a BBQ/Potluck with friends, it ended up being full of eating food, singing around the fire and catching up with good company. I kept looking at Perry and saying how I felt like things couldn’t get any better than that moment. And it was true.. it really couldn’t have. I said it once, but I  can say it a million times. It’s the simple pleasures of life.


My perfect Saturday started at 10 a.m. with a trip to the mall to find me some shoes for my wedding dress. I oddly found some perfect wedges form Nordstrom within 15 minutes of being there! Win!

After some retail therapy, Perry and I went out to enjoy some time on his familys land in Bragg Creek.  The weather was amazing, the birds were chirping, we floated around on his canoe during the day and we had a little fire that night, roasting organic smokies from the farmers market.


Forever in converse.



Nothing beats a good sunset!

Perry and his Dad have been working on this piece of land for a few years now and each and every time I come out to see it, it gets more beautiful! There is so much gratitude that we have this amazing spot to go to whenever we want.

Sunday also started at 10:30am ( love me my sleep) with a quick little breakfast and off to the Lilac feast! We needed up going early enough that the crowds were not too crazy and we could actually walk around, check out the vendors and enjoy some food!  I ended up finding some really cute flower crowns for the wedding ( Yes! something off the wedding checklist) and Perry picked up some local art.


Our friend owns a liquor store downtown next to where the lilac festival was happening. We started off the festival with shots of hard Root Beer.. which actually tasted just like root beer… I mean that could be dangerous!




We found our flower crowns for the wedding at this boot. So many pretty designs it was hard to choose, but we stuck with the white.



O how I love Organic skin care





It didn’t take long for the streets to get packed, so we decided to get lunch elsewhere. We ended up going to this cute little fish and chip show off of high-street and after we digested by taking our stinky dog for a long walk!


This was the cute little fish & Chip shop we ate at. It had so many little details!


“Watch out for falling coconuts”

Hope you guys had a great Weekend!


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