Petit Vour Revour

Hi Guys!

So I wanted to do a review on my Petit Vour box from last month. I wrote about  Petit Vour before, but I really love how all of their products are all natural & vegan. If you are into beauty products at all, you know how hard that can be to find! Each and every month they send me a box full of goodies to try, from these trials I can see what I really like and what works best for my skin with out of any of those yucky chemicals.

Last month I received 4 all natural organic products, and I am excited to let you guys know what I found.

Bedrock & Bloom | Smart Ash - All Natural & Organic Teeth Whitener

  I have really noticed that my teeth have gotten whiter after using this Smart Ash on a consistent basis. I also love that it does not  hurt the enamel of your teeth like other whiteners do. The only thing I would suggest for this, is to use a cheap tooth-brush when using. It will turn your bristles black! I would defiantly buy this stuff again. I rate this product an 8/10

Kumari River Bath and Body Oil

This Kumari bath and body oil is so nice! This is not a product I would ever buy for myself so I am glad I got to experience a body oil and all is had to offer to your skin. My skin has never been so soft! I still don’t know if I would buy this for myself though..but I liked it. I would rate this products 7/10

Juara Coconut Illite Hand and Nail Balm

This Jura hand and body lotion smelt just like coconut butter which is one of my favorite smells! For me a lotion is a lotion. I would probably rate this products a 5/10 as it was nothing special 

Studio 78 Paris | Cream Eyeshadow (We Move Around)  No. 1 À Paris

Last but not least the Studio 78 Paris. I actually had no idea what this product was even for, so I started to use it as a blush only to find out a couple of weeks later it was a cream eye shadow. To be honest, I actually love it as blush and I still use it on a daily basis. It is one of those products that blends into the skin nicely and I like the color as a blush more than  an eye shadow. I will defiantly buy this again. I would rate this product 8/10 

I would love to hear, what your favorit natural products are!

Mackenzie V

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