That Honeymoon.


I have been asked a lot about where we are going on our honeymoon. The truth of the matter is, as excited as I am to go and truly believe after all of that wedding planning it is only right to go on a honeymoon ( you both deserve it) Perry and I have not put in a ton of thought into it.

I know for me, I want somewhere we can have a bit of an adventure. As much as I love the lazy beach days, I can’t do that the whole time. I am a busy body, and I always have to be moving so I defiantly want to go somewhere we can enojy both!

One of the places that popped into our heads while searching was Bali, Indonesia. Once we looked around at our other options and had a look at things we could do in Bali, we knew this was the place we wanted to celebrate our marriage.

Perry has been once before, but we will be traveling to Islands that he wasn’t able to make  the first time around.

The first Island we are going on is Kutuh, where we will be taking surfing lessons!!!! I have always wanted to learn and in fact, surfing is on my bucket list so I am beyond excited for that! There is also a hidden beach on the Island as well as the Uluwatu temple that  I really want to check out!

The next Island we are going to check out is Nihiwatu Island which is an island retreat which  has options of surfing ( yes again), snorkeling, jet skiing, stone age sites, cooking classes, hikes and waterfalls! ( o yes please!!)!

Another Island I want to check out is the Gili Islands, Perry has already been to this Island before, but he suggested this was defiantly an Island to go back to! I hear this is more of a relaxing beach day kinda Island and has the best and cheapest massages. In saying that, I hear that massages are readily available all around Bali and the price is super cheap, so we are going to aim at getting a massage everyday while on  our trip! That is luxury at it finest my friends.

Lastly I would like to spend a good portion of our time in Ubud. Ever seen the movie  EAT, PRAY, LOVE? Ubud is where it was filmed!! I have seen several hotels that we really want to stay at, one is the Hanging Gardens  where the hotel is litterally in the hangin gardens of Bali! The other hotel I would love to check out is the Royal Pita Maha which is owned by a royal family from Ubud, and as such, is extremely traditional in Balinese style. The accommodations are older and look like ancient temples which is really neat and I hear the food is entirely Balinese!

In Ubud, we have plans to do the Sun rise hike – where you start that hike at 11:30PM through the jungle to the highest point in Bali at the top of the mountain, where you get to watch the sun rise!

I also saw these neat bike tours where you are able to stop at the little villages that you see on the way, which makes it really easy to do some exploring! There is also a  monkey sanctuary that I really want to check out, even though I have heard the monkeys are not shy and to hold on to your stuff or else they will take it! I also want to make sure we get our fair share Yoga lessons in! My goal is to try to go to class everyday, but Perry is not as big into Yoga as I am so I guess we will see about that one. I  also really want to take cooking lessons, all of the food is fresh and local ( I wish that was the case here) and I think it would be awesome to  learn how to cook like the Balinese.

Anyway, I can only imagine this post is not very exciting given the lack of pictures. If you have been to Bali and have any suggestions we would love to hear!!!!

Have a great Thursday,

Mackenzie V




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