Petti Who?



This weekend my June Petti Vour box came in and let me tell ya,  it’s a good one this month!

If you have been following along, you  know that I get a monthly Petti Vour subscription box’s, which I have written about here, here and here. This month, I received some  awesome goodies that I can’t wait to try and review!

The first product I got was a Mermaid Sea Salt  Hair Spray – I have already broken this spray out for a surprise party we went to this weekend and I noticed that my hair defiantly had a beach wave look! I also found it gave my hair tons of volume.

URSA Major face Balm – I have mentioned how dry my skin is previously on the blog, so I was excited to get some natural face cream!  This one specifically is made with Aloe, Carrot  and kendi & Myrtle which I love the smell and it’s very light, so great to put under your makeup.  I have tried this little guy a few times already and so far I am not sure if it is enough moisture for my poor dry skin.. once I use this  a few more times I will get a better idea of how I feel.

Green Apple Peel – This fun peel is meant to act as a blemish clearing agent. I have not tried this peel out yet, but I’m super exited to! Not to mention, it smells just like green apples. 🙂

Ecco Bella Flower Color–  A little secret about myself.. I love lipstick, like in an obsessive way.. totally normal though, right!? I just feel like it makes a huge difference to the way I feel, a pop of color if like an instant pick me up, so when I received this lipstick in a color that I love, I was over the moon with happiness. So far, I have been using this stuff as my go to lipstick at the moment and I have been loving it! Its light so it almost becomes a lip stain  once applied.

Cant wait to continue to use these products and give you guys a better review!

if you are interested in the Petti Vour Subscription boxes, you can check it out here.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Mackenzie V


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