Photos From The Week.

Last week was a crazy week which  we ended up going through our first big wedding planning hurdle with our DJ and it consumed me.With all of that craziness  the week went by so fast and I missed to post my photos that I took that week.

I like doing these posts because I think it will be so cool to look back one day and see what really going in my world at this phase of my life.Sometimes life gets so fast paced and we forget to stop and smell the roses and just enjoy what were doing in that moment. Taking these photos have really helped me stop and enjoy the real life moments as opposed to worrying about getting to the next thing.


My friend Carolyn and I have been going on these amazing bike rides through Glenmore Park and it has been by far one of my favorite things to be doing this spring. 


We like to stop at the top the ridge and just enojy our mother nature in all her glory. 


I taught Yoga on a rooftop patio the other day and we ended up getting locked up there! Thankfully we found our way down with the help of a good friend but lets just say no one left overly zenned out that night. 


My friend Jamie and I went to check out this place called Paperst, which opened last week. I order this amazing chicken waffle cone,you guys, this was one of the best things I have eaten. No Joke. This maple waffle cone had mashed potatoes,  glazed spicy chicken and some amazing maple coleslaw ( yes,us Canadians love our maple).Lets just say I will be going back. 


We went up to Perry’s family land in Bragg Creek on Friday with some friends,to remember one of our good friends who passed away 3 year ago. We always do our best to get together every year at this time and do something for Sean,which we call Seanbala. Usually we have a massive party, but with all of the wedding planning it was really hard to get organized. We are still going to have our Seanbala but we settle for drinks around the fire that night. 



Delicious Buddha Bowl that I have been making myself almost weekly. Super healthy and fast. Just how i like it. 


No one on my Thursday night class showed up. instead I just played around with my handstands( which I need the practice) so ended up working out.  


My morning go- to drink  Vanilla Bean Match Latte which I will post my recipe this week. Its sooo good. 


Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

Mackenzie V.


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