Yoga Playlist.


Having music in a yoga class can be an element that is hard to gauge when planning a class for a big group of people. Some people prefer to practice without music, allowing them to listen to the breath, and some people need music as a kind of white noise to help create a peaceful environment.

I am one of those people who need and love music in my practice. Music is and always has been a big piece in my life in general. I am always listening to it no matter what I doing, so of course music naturally become a big piece in my yoga practice.  I also teach a lot of Power, Sculpt, Baptist and energy type classes which I find really needs music for that additional push to keep going and revitalize the energy.

So, today, I thought I would  share  one of my  playlists that I use often for my  power  classes.  This playlist is for a 1 hour class.

Keep in mind that most of these are the non-yoga-focused  songs, that’s not because I don’t LOVE yoga-specific artists or bands, because I do! but I feel that it can be fun to mix it up and add other types of music to your yoga playlists.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. Balmorhea: Bowsprit – this is a great slow song to start the practice, and start to connect with yourself and breath.
  1. Zero 7: Salt Water Sound – I also like this song at the beginning of starting your flow, really nice to listen to this while going through sun salutations.
  1. Beirut: No, No, No – this song is really upbeat and fun, I usually try to incorporate this song before we get to intense into the class
  1. Road Home( feat. Trevor Hall):it’s has a rap feeling to it, but the words are perfect for a yoga class. It’s also just a fun beat
  1. Imagine Dragons: Shots ( Astrolith Remix) – Super fun.
  1. San Holo- We Rise: I like to use this song in the most intense parts of the class, when we are getting to deep down to the nitty-gritty.
  1. Elli Goulding – Tessellate ( Alt-J Cover): I actually use this song in most of my yoga playlists, it’s just one I love and I think works really well.
  1. Trevor Hall – The Mountain: I like to use this song as we are coming to the end of our standing sequence, something about this song just makes me feel like the hard part is over and helps me regain the strength in myself to continue the practice.
  2. School of Seven Bells: This is such a pretty song. I use this song often in my playlists.
  1. Slow magic – Feel Flow: A little bit of a different song but I like that it has no words so it is easy to just concentrate on the pose and breathe.
  1. Sia: One Million Bullets – Sia.. o how I love you.
  1. Stop this rain – John Mayor :I mean, I just love John Mayor.The soothing sound of his voice, ahhh. I think you can never go wrong with John Mayor in a yoga class.
  1. Blackmill- The Light : I like to use this as my last or second last song. Again it has no words, but has a great beat. Perfect to enjoy the music while listening to your breath.
  1. Gravity – John Mayor: because again I love him, and gravity is the perfect song for a yoga class!
  1. Deva Premal – Jai Radh : I like this song specially to be playing while people are  setting up to start the class and again when people are shutting down and getting ready to leave. Its the perfect background sound to set that relaxing vibe.


What are some of your favorite songs to practice to?


Mackenzie V


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