The Wedding Count Down Is On

My Wedding is in 60 days… 60 DAYS people! As fast as it seems to be going, it also feels slow at the same time. I think it’s because I actually can’t wait for the planning and  stress to be done with!


I have never been one of those people who care too much about the little details… I am more of a big picture kinda girl, so when dealing with details I pretty much get a feeling of overwhelming anxiety. You know the real good stuff, where you feel like your hair is probably going to start falling out any minute and you may just end up in a ball on the floor rocking back and forth. 😉

I must admit, as stressful as wedding planning is in a whole. There are some very fun aspects of it as well and for me things that I would never do for myself if I wasn’t getting married.  For example, Facials. I have had three facials over the past few months which is more than I have had in my whole life. Typically this isn’t something I would find value in.. but I LOVE them. I love that I have a real reason to go get them, cause glowing bridal skin is something to strive for. Am I right, or am I right!

I have also  been getting makeup and hair trials which has been fun!   Again, this is something that never happens in my real life( I usually look like someone who just crawled out of bed) .. but it’s so fun and I love the way you feel when you’re looking that put together.  I still have not found someone yet though.. again there is always a stress factor in anything Wedding related.. I swear!


This was my first trial.. I felt so caked up and not like myself.. but once I took a picture in the natural light, i thought it looked pretty.


This was my second trial, I think I liked the photo of the makeup better from the first one, but I felt prettier in person here. less cakey feeling.

I am also currently using a Wedding website to help me with my task list..If you have recently just got engaged, I highly suggest you check it out, its the KNOT and it has helped me tons.  Anyway, I sill have 48 task left on my checklist and 60 days…..  so at this point, we need to get a task done a day if possible…and the anxiety starts to set in…


This is my vision board if you will of how I want the tables to look. I defiantly like the  natural/ rustic look! The vision boared has helped so much to keep me on track with what my vision is and what i really need.

Anyway, I could go on and on about the stress.. but this blog is supposed to make me feel better, to focus on the exciting, fun things. Like my bachelorette and wedding shower! which I have no idea what is happening for either. I just got sent dates and that is it! defiantly something to look forward to.

Anyway, if your still reading, thanks for listening to my rant.

I would love to hear what are some of the things you enjoyed most about wedding planning?


Have a great Tuesday,

Mackenzie Very



6 thoughts on “The Wedding Count Down Is On

  1. Beautiful! Dave & I went away(New Zealand)It was a planned elope if you will. I loved every minute of planning it because it was done in a matter of a couple of emails. I had no idea what to expect for my hair and makeup but trusted the process and it worked out wonderfully. I think the fact that I didn’t have a lot of choice helped. It can get overwhelming for sure. Try to find something or someone and stick with it. That will help:) I loved picking my flowers. I knew I wanted Gerber daisies and let them do what they do best. Again, no choice expect for what kind of flowers and they were perfect. You’re amazing Kenize and just know it will be perfect. Don’t sweat the details. It’s a day to marry your lover and best friend. Everything will always work out:) xoxox


    • That actually sounds lovely! Thank you for your words and your constant positivity ! its easy to forget what your wedding day is actually about. 😉


    • Congrats girl! Good for you! I wish I could more like that. I think those weddings makes for a very personal, intimate experience.
      Have you found the planning process to be stressful in other ways?


      • Oh my gosh yes! Even though I enjoy a lot of the DIY projects I worry it won’t look right or I won’t complete everything in time. I’m also stressed over finances and planning everything for after the wedding like where we are going to live. I can’t wait for the day to be here! But I’m also trying to enjoy every minute too. Congrats to you too! You’re a lot closer.


      • I guess Weddings are just stressful no matter what! Good thing, is that you still have lots of time! Hope you posts your pics up of all your DIY projects! I would love to see once all finished.. I am sure they will look fantastic!


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