That came fast.

I can’t believe that tomorrow is July 1st Is it just me or has June just flown by? I swear yesterday was June 1st..

Anyway, July 1st   is  actually Canada’s Day which I am super excited for! We usually like to go and experience all of the activities that are happening around the city, eat good food and enjoy the fireworks that night. There is something about community events that I just love. I swear something happens when we are all together, face to face, sharing space. It like there is this energy and excitement the crowd brings that gives me this insane buzz! Can’t wait to share all about it on Monday!

I wanted to share a few photos from the week of things I enjoyed or at least stopped for long enough to actually appreciate. Like I have mentioned before, I love looking back at the photos as it brings me back to the place I took them and reminds me of the beauty that is around us in everyday life!


Perry I went to get ice cream last weekend from our favorite local ice cream shop where they actually make fresh waffle cones right in front of you!



I ended up getting the earl grey tea which was delicious and Perry got the double chocolate which you can never go wrong with!


I also ended up with a pint of this Honey Lavender ice cream. Lets just say, it was worth the extra calories 🙂 


any time I try to practice yoga I swear my dog knows it. He automatically wants to play, or sit on my mat. Hahah ..maybe it is because I am at the same height as him, I dont know.. but I do know that he is such a little shit and I just love him!


My favorite local spot to grab my morning tea on the weekend. 


Heading from work over to teach an afternoon yoga class. Moments where I realize I am doing exactly what I want to be doing is so gratifying. Love my job and the ability to also share my practice during the day… GRATEFUL! 


We have had such nice weather lately  so needless to say yoga in the park has become more of thing the past few weeks. I love soaking up all of the goodness mother nature has to offer! 

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Mackenzie V


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