30 Days Of Blogging


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Have you ever heard of The ultimate blogging challenge? Its basically a challenge to try and blog everyday for 30 days straight.  I read this challenge from one of the newer blogs I been following called something pink and I just thought it was such a good idea. Why you ask!?

Well as you know, I am new to blogging and I think it is a great way to get into the habit of a daily blog. I also think its great in getting more involved with the blogging community, which from what I have experience so far is AMAZING!

and if I am being really honest, I also just love the idea of a challenge.. .. I am always looking at new ways to challenge myself and make myself better, so when I heard about this challenge, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.

If you are newer to blogging like myself and you are interested in joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge, it starts today so check it out and sign up!

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday! It is Canada’s Day today and super hot so I think we might go floating down the river!

Mackenzie V.



6 thoughts on “30 Days Of Blogging

  1. Thanks for the mention! For the month of July it’s 31 blogging days. I totally forgot July had 31 days. The challenge happens about 4 times a year. There is also a Facebook group that you can connect with other bloggers.


    • Of course! I didn’t even think about the fact that it is 31 days.. haha o well.. 31 days it is 🙂
      Thanks for the info! This should be fun 🙂

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