Canada Day Recap

If any day captures the spirit and pride of living in Canada, it’s Canada Day. Calgary ( the city I live in) celebrates our country’s birthday with lots of festivities! Things in the city usually start in the morning and go well after dark. Its truly a full day of celebration which is one of the reasons I love Canada Day so much.

It was weird because I did get a little emotional when the fireworks went off and everyone started singing O’Canada ( our national anthem) I really feel so lucky to be born and raised in such an amazing country and I am SO proud to be a Canadian.

Perry, myself and a few friends, decided to float down the river during to celebrate and finished off with some fireworks. It was truly a day a great day in every way.

below are a few photos from our adventures yesterday.



There was a field of cows that we passed all drinking water.. it was so cool to see.

IMG_7706-2 (1)IMG_7707IMG_7711-3


Fireworks to end off Canada Day! 

Hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!

Mackenzie V.


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