Favorite Links 001


Happy Monday/ 4th of July!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

We had a busy weekend (that kind of kicked us in the butt), gathering with friends at a little get-together for Canada Day, lots of wedding items checked off our list  and a whole of lot flower planting.

Here’s a peek at some links I bookmarked this weekend:

  1.  The Calgary Stampede is coming this weekend and we are so excited to go, mostly so we can eat all the amazing food ! I will defiantly be trying this, this and this
  2.  It’s officially summer and with the nice weather we have been doing a lot of biking around Glemore park 
  3. we have been obsessed with this show on Netflix.
  4.  Just discovered this blog and loving it.
  5.  Brought home a few new plants this week. Check out our indoor plant guide
  6.  We arehopefully going to see the X Ambassarors.If you aren’t listening to them …you’re missing out!
  7.  Just started  reading this book
  8.  Waiting for these new house additions to come in the mail.. hopefully this week!  Really want this.

Hope you have a fantastic July 4th!

Mackenzie V



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