Flower Crown Workshop


Ever since I was  a little girl, I have always envisioned myself  wearing a flower crown for my wedding. Now that I am actually getting married outside, I still want a flower crown and I  think it will be perfect because the flower crown will give a nice rustic vibe to my look.

When my friend Paige and I saw that there was a workshop teaching to you to make your own crown, we knew we had to try it! I am so glad we did, because it was truly a blast! It was so much fun learning how to create a flower crown as well as hanging out some fantastic people and enjoying all of the food and drinks that Wurst had to offer!

When we walked in, we got seated at our stations which included all of the necessary items to make our crown. We started a creative drawing exercise to get the juices flowing and after that, we got the down low on the ” how to ” and we were able to start creating.




I am defiantly excited to try out my new skill set on some really nice dried flowers for my actual flower crown. If all else fails, I will just buy one. haha.  At least I have a back up plan.


TA DA! Flower crown complete, I tired to create that wild flower look.. What do you think?


Hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday.

Mackenzie V




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