Photos from the week


This was the best jacked up lemonade ever! Plus I loved the glass, I’m not going to lie, I was very close  to throwing this jar in my purse. 😉


Love the selfie stick! Floating down the river on Canada Day


I wanted to include this picture to show how many people it took to lift that heavy raft up a hill. It was insanely heavy! At least we got our work out in for the afternoon!


Fire works show and a lighting show at the same time. Cant get much better 🙂


Perry and I stopped off at this cute little antique store and I feel in love with so many things!


We kept telling our selves that we can get things once we buy a house! Which in honesty, just makes me want a house even more now!


If you are following me on instagram you will have seen this already but a few of my regulars showed up to class wearing these awesome shirts! I wont lie, I really want one! #Brogaforlife


Our friend made this bench for us as a wedding present/ something for our guests to sign. We plan on staining it and putting in our backyard.. again, once we have one. I am in LOVE with this bench! Thanks again Marv!


Re-potting plants.


This is what happens when Perry and I try to do yoga in the house. Diesel cannot  be left out. haha I think he thinks were playing because he gets so excited once were on the ground.

& of course… there are always a zillion more photos on instagram if you want to check them out..
instagram: kenzielee.v 🙂
We are officially 52 days away from the wedding and I am starting to look forward toit. In fact there is so much I am looking forward to this year, and I hope you all are too!
Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!
Mackenzie V

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