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Happy Thursday!  Hope you had a fantastic week so far!

We have been super busy with the wedding only being 44 days away and we  have been going non stop.Our aim is to get one wedding item checked off our list each day. As simple as it sounds, is not.  Anyway I always have a list where i am jotting  things down that I want to check out, or try, and because this blog is like my journal I also like the idea of writing down my current obsessions and things I am really into right now.  I think it will be fun to look back and see where I was at during this place in my life.

Here’s some links of my favorite things and obsessions this week.

  1.  The Calgary Stampede is officially here  his week and its always so much fun! I stuffed myself silly, with this, this and  these. Ok, there was more..   pictures to come.
  2.  I have been binge listening to this podcast. – OBSESSED!
  3. Starting to get into these energy holders lately.. thinking of getting me a few
  4. This weeks yoga classes are all about shoulders and neck. Check out these poses that are great for both.
  5.  Going to my first Lagree Pilates class tonight. Super excited!
  6.  Listening to this song non stop.
  7. Dying to check this awesome little place out. Hopefully next week!

have a great Thursday!

Mackenzie V




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