I Lagree.


My friend Paige and I decided to try out this new Pilate studio that opened up last year and I have been dying to try ever since! The reason it has taken me so long to try it, is these classes are pricey and If I am honest, I have a gym in my condo building and a yoga mat at my disposal anytime. This makes it harder for me to justify paying for a class. I do not have a Pilates machine though.. so I mean It helps the argument of paying for a class to try it out. 🙂

As a yogi, I have tried Pilates a few times and even though similar, I just never clicked with the whole Pilates thing.. until this class.


We did our practice on these huge Pilates machines, which of course I want one so bad now! They are amazing and you can work every body part using just the one machine! The music was super upbeat and motivational which just made you want to work it a little harder and the instructor was fantastic at teaching us newbies!

You move from exercise to exercise quickly, but once in the exercise you do it  very slow.. so you can really feel the BURN!!!!


getting ready for class. Of course I had the classic booty pop happening. Show off your assets people! 


I walked out the class with very wobbly legs and a huge endorphin rush! I cant wait to go back this week for our second class! I really hope I don’t start getting addicted to this.. it’s not a cheap hobby  but it’s just so fun and very important to mix the work out routine! Our minds and bodies get bored so we need to keep this interesting so we never get bored with working out.


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Mackenzie V.


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