Calgary Stampede Recap.


I mentioned the Stampede a few time on my blog here and here, basically if you don’t know, the Calgary Stampede is known as   “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” and it  comes to Calgary once a year!  It’s basically a ten day event filled with rodeos, parades, concerts, fireworks, amazing crazy food and rides! So basically the best time ever!!!!!!


Walking straight towards that corn dog sign. 



I usually try and go just once ( this place will drain your bank account if your not careful) but when I go,  I go all out! I like to try out as many different foods, go on rides and basically party like no one is watching. except.. I don’t really party. But if I did, I would be partying like no one was watching. 🙂


Deep Fried Pickles.. .. enough said 


Pickle Stash



The colossal onion is basically a massive deep fired onion with the best dipping sauce! I have no idea what the sauce is made of, but its spicy and amazing! 



Hello corn dog!! I was waiting for you 🙂 


My uncle and aunt in the typical stampede gear – plaid, jeans, and cowboy hats.   I love these goof balls!


No, I have never tried to ride the bull.. not so much my thing.. 


every night there is an amazing firework show! It usually lasts 10 mins and they are so magical! There is something about fireworks that I just love. 


I spy Perry’s little sister in the back!



Hope you guys are having a fantastic day!

Mackenzie V



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