Bachelorette Recap

It was my bachelorette party this weekend and my bridesmaid planned the entire thing without me knowing one detail! They sent me the dates and a packing list and that was it! It was so much fun to get to be surprised like that!

We ended up going out to Kananaskis  and  we stay at the Delta lodge which was such a gorgeous resort! When I walked into the room, I noticed right away how cute they decorated everything and all of the little details that went into all of the planning!

The first night, we played some games such as “kiss the pecker”, guess who brought the panties, and a wine pairing game where we had to vote on the best wine and food they decided to pair it with! It was so much fun. The girls had brought ton of food, so we munched out all night while drinking wine and running to and from the hot tub!



Drinking Sir Perrys All night! 


Saturday started off with a fantastic breakfast and off to go white water rafting!!!!  The day ended up being super fun, besides our boat ended up tipping and knocking a few of the girls out of the boat… thankfully everyone was fine! After rafting we took a nice walk and found an epic spot to have a pinic!


We finished the day in Canmore where we went to  dinner (that I can still not stop thinking about) at this place called Tapas, and out partying!!


I honestly felt so much love all weekend and just straight up gratitude for the girls in my life! The weekend ended way to fast and to be honest, I can’t believe my bachelorette is officially done! At that.. only 31 one days left to the big day!!!!

As you can imagine I have a TON of to do’s on my list!

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

Mackenzie V


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