My Wedding Shower.

I had my Wedding shower last weekend and just like my bachelorette party, I knew nothing besides the date and the address. I must admit, it is super fun being able to be surprised, knowing that your friends are working so hard to plan an awesome party for you.

When I walked into my shower, I immediately noticed how cute everything was decorated and the amount of detail these ladies thought of,  was amazing!

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 19 35 PM

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 19 29 PM

It’s hard to see in these pictures, but there is an apron for people to write advice on, a recipe box with index cards to write their fav healthy organic recipes down and a game of guess of how many kisses are in the jar. My soon to be mother in law won that one.

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 19 51 PM

If anyone knows me, they know I love to garden! I love plants of all sorts, so I thought it was super cute to give away seed packages as thank you’s with little stickers saying “let love grow” and our wedding date. See what I mean about details.

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 19 59 PMPhoto 2016-08-14, 1 20 04 PM

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 20 10 PM

When I walked in these were full of this magical mango and a strawberry amazingness and passed out to guests as they walked in.

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 35 33 PM

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 35 20 PM

That little basket was full of tiny bags of popcorn with sticker saying “he popped the questions” It was super cute. I am also having mason jars as part of the table center pieces so I thought it was brilliant to have drinking mason jar glasses for the party! It really tied everything in nicely.

Photo 2016-08-14, 1 35 40 PM

After a little mingling and food we played few games, one of which they asked Perry questions and me the same questions to see how many we would get the same. Every question I got wrong, I had to put some bubble gum in my mouth.. you know the game.Ynfortunately for me.. i have a small mouth.. and  there was a lot of bubble gum in it at one point. hehehe

Photo 2016-08-14, 3 26 36 PM

Hi Grams!

Photo 2016-08-14, 3 31 52 PM (1)

Hi Sis! Look at the wad starting to build up

Photo 2016-08-14, 3 33 21 PM

After games, we went out to the yard and opened up the gifts. I had a “date night theme” so everyone had to bring a present that would be a good date for Perry and I. It was actually such a great idea! People got really creative with these date ideas, and I cant wait to start using them!

Photo 2016-08-14, 3 14 22 PM

It was so nice to see everyone who showed up for the big day! Talk about feeling the love.

Photo 2016-08-14, 3 17 14 PM

This was actually given to me from my Grandma of all people. I think she is trying to hint at something.. haha #greatgrandbabies?

Photo 2016-08-14, 3 17 18 PM

Photo 2016-08-14, 4 08 00 PM

Cute little luggage tags

Photo 2016-08-14, 4 21 07 PM


Photo 2016-08-14, 4 43 50 PM (2)

Honesty, I cant say it enough. I am so unbelievably grateful for all of these girls. I love them so much and I couldn’t do it with out them.

Photo 2016-08-14, 4 43 11 PM (1)


Well its officially 9 days before my wedding and 11 days before we fly off to Bali!!  As you can imagine, I have a ton of things that need to get done, so I should go and probably do them.


I hope you have a fab day!

Mackenzie V.



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