Yoga Playlist . 2



Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! The weather has been what I would call ” the perfect fall weather” lately. It has the perfect crispness in the air and that fall smell!  Hands down, one of my favorite smells mother nature offers. On top of that, I am enjoying a tasty Bulletproof pumpkin spice coffee as I write this, does it get much better? I think not!

With that being said, with fall, comes a new yoga playlist! I love playing around with my playlists, but sometimes I just make ones that work really well for lots of different sequences and those ones ill keep around for a few weeks to a month. Lately, I have loved this particular playlist for my classes. To me it sounds and  feels like fall and well you know,  I’m obsessed with the seasons. 🙂


This Playlist is for 1 hour class.

FaithlessThe Garden 

London GrammarMetal & Dust

Alina Baraz & GalimatiasMake You Feel 

FlumeNever Be Like You

Alan WalkerFaded

Lost FrequenciesNo Trust

Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities

Slow MagicFeel Flow 

Trevor HallThe Mountain 

HoizerWork Song 

Passenger–  Somebodys Love

Resolution Matt Corby

Data RomanceSeasons

Acro Yoga

Gayatri Mantra ( Usually play this while everyone is coming into class and leaving.)



Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Mackenzie A.



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