Photos from the week ( past few weeks)

Hows everyone week going?! Mine has been good, slow, but good. It’s Friday so at this point I can’t complain!  We’ve been half doing everything around the house lately and I just feel like things are in be honest, I don’t function well in disorganization and clutter. Not at all. So this weekend will be nice to  start getting things back together.. we will see.  

I’m posting a bunch of photos today from my phone, a lot of these photos were taken in the past month, which means there will be some honeymoon pics in here! If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a couple of these, but I’m so bad for posting pictures and they end up lost and forgotten on my phone, but thatis what these ( photos from the week) posts are for!!!


Perry and I would wake up early almost every morning on our honeymoon to try to catch the sunrise. This was one of the days I actually brought my camera with me! Love mother nature!



My go-to Fall Salad at the moment. –  Kale, Wild Rice, Feta, Pomegranates, Sweet Onion Dressing.


Bali’s famous flower. They smelt unreal!!! Also look at us wearing our rings!!! EEK.


Fresh Coconut water with lime and mint and a Carrot/ Ginger juice which we shared.



Drinking Young Coconuts daily. #vacationlife


This is actually taken in Calgary on my way to work this morning.. again those dang sunrises will stop me in my tracks every time!


Pistachio and Oreo Frozen Yogurt melting faster than we can eat them.



JAMU Juice!!! This was one of the best things I found down in Bali! We drank this juice every morning as a shot and ever since being at home I have made it several times! I will do a post of this juice.. its fantastic!


Only the biggest Avocado I have every seen in my life..





Tried every fruit I could down in Bali, this was a dragon fruit.. I don’t know how much I loved it.



have a great weekend!

Mackenzie A.



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