Ubud, Bali 2016 Part One


Hello All! Hope Monday was kind to you! Mine was actually really good, nothing special just a good one!

Continuing on the honeymoon post, our next stop from Kuta was Ubud. This was one of my favorite islands I was on in Bali! The art, the culture, the beauty of the place..every thing here was so up my alley!  I really can’t say enough about Ubud!

On this Island we stayed in our own private villa which had a private pool and a outdoor washroom! I will say, the whole outdoor washroom  experience seems cooler then it was..  I  was honestly nervous anytime I had to use the washroom .. you just never to know  what would be crawling around in there! Especially because we were surrounded by rice fields!  The good news is the only thing I ever noticed was a cat who would come and chill on the fence outside our tub and one little lizard. Still, I don’t think I will be going for an outdoor washroom next time. 🙂


That rice field was literally what we saw when we looked past our fence. It was pretty surreal! img_9398


Outdoor washroom!


Hi there little guy.



We spent the majority of our time in Ubud which is why I have a few parts to this post, but with as much exploring that we did, we also made sure to take it nice and easy as well 🙂


but mostly just a lot of exploring..



There were tons of temples everywhere for everything! It was the neatest thing I every saw! I really loved that culture and how much gratitude they show for the simple things in life. I defiantly had moments along the trip where I just felt so thankful for everything I had!



This guy was actually bathing. This stream was the closest they had for fresh water. It really makes you feel grateful when you realize all of the things we take for granted!



We ended up at one point in a silver making store.. It was so cool actually seeing how silver jewelry was made! Perry also bought me some really nice hamsa earrings from here which I wear on a daily now! He actually spoiled me with jewelry on this trip! I know.. I got really really lucky with him!



Rice fields for days!

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

Much Love

Mackenzie A.


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