On Growing Up.


Good morning guys! Hope this finds you well and your Thursday is off to a great start!  I have been having difficulties sending pictures of the honeymoon from my home computer to my work one, so I thought It was a good time to a break from the honeymoon posts!

Last night our friends decided to host a thanksgiving pot luck dinner ( I made this, but didn’t get a pic) and it was so nice being able to just sit around with friends discussing what we were thankful for! Typically Perry and I are always occupied with our many turkey dinners during thanksgiving time,so we really loved having something separate with just the friends!

I kept thinking about how old we all have gotten, I mean this was far from our old highs school parties or even just parties from a few years ago. No, this was like a real adult party,  we talked  politics, cultural events, kids and schooling systems and sipped wine! I mean if that doesn’t scream adulthood I don’t know what does!

It felt long gone are our beer drinking getting sloshed days.. and hello to being grown up. Although, in reality, I know we still have a few more years in us 😉

Anyway here are a few pictures from last night’s “adult dinner party”


Our friend made this amazing cranberry pomegranate bruschetta appies  and it was so good! You can find lots of recipes online how to make this!


Table set up.



Missing one person in this pic ( someone had to take it) so thankful for good food and friends!




We did pretty dang good!


little Sophia licking the plate clean! 


Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your day!

Mackenzie A



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