Wedding Prep.


Friday is here guys! Yay! On top of that, it’s a long weekend! ( for us Canadians anyway) and even though the weather is currently at minus 1 and snowing right now, I am still so excited for this weekend! Even if that just means sitting at home in my PJ’s under a warm blanket sipping some yummy golden milk.  As I mentioned in the past post.. I am getting older, this is what old people do I guess. 😉

I wanted to talk a bit about my Wedding Prep, I know I am posting these blogs all out-of-order but sometimes that just how my life feels.. chaotic and out of order. anyone else feel me on that?

Perry and I were looking to cut as many “unnecessary cost’s as possible for the wedding, one of which was setting up the venue ourselves. At first, this seems super doable, easy even.. but man was I surprised with the amount of work it took to set everything up! One week to be exact! ONE WEEK! Thankfully we had an awesome venue that allowed us to set up ahead of time cause other wise I don’t know what we would have done! We literally had the entire wedding party, family and friends all out helping set up! It was nuts. The amount of details to everything and the sheer amount of time that it took getting all the little things done was crazy! ON top of that, we also had to cut the grass at the venue ( they were suppose to but never did) build our own dance floor, hung all of the outside lights, set up the tables, tied ribbon around every single napkin, cutting and arranging flower arrangments.. I mean everything and anything!

Looking back,  I would defiantly do it differently in the sense that I would have only done a few things myself, but defiantly not everything! Your time is just as important as money and that was a huge lesson in this.

Thankfully everything came together really well and its over! Looking through my phone at the pictures of the set up just brings me right back to a few days before wedding and all of the emotions I was feeling at that time. What once felt so consuming now is such a distant memory.. crazy how that happens!

Anyway here are a few photos of the set up



Morning before the wedding getting everything set up! Look at us all enthusiastic.. we clearly didn’t have a clue what was in store for us. 


This was the dance floor and stage we literally built! When I say we I mean Perry and his father.. and a few other guys.  You can also see the lighting we hung up everywhere! We went through 50 boxes of outdoor lighting!


No height to high for the set up of our wedding. 


Step Dad cutting away. This might have seemed like a little job but there was so much tall grass! I think it took a few days of grass cutting 


Setting up the little decor and details. 



My hard-working set up team! 

Still can’t believe I am married and all of this is finished! That is the best part of all of it!

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!

Mackenzie A.



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