Ubud, Bali Part 2. ( Pic Overload )


Continuing on from Part 1 of my post. We did the most in Ubud as far as activities, the first one being a guided bike ride through the local villages to this amazing waterfall. I’m not going to lie, that bike ride was super difficult! By the time I actually got to the falls all I wanted to do was sit down and let the cold water hit my face. It could have had something to do with the heat, or it could have been the hills we biked up, but I felt so out of shape!



Biking through rice fields.




After playing in the waterfall, we decided to go into town and explore some of the markets and grab some lunch. I must say, the food in Ubud was hands down the best in Bali! We didn’t have one bad meal the entire time. I also loved the markets in Ubud the most, defiantly one the top places to visit in Bali!




One of the best Pizza’s I have had in my life!

The next day we went on a luwak coffee tour, which little did I know at the time the coffee beans are actually eaten by these Luwaks, digested, fermented and pooped out. Once out, these beans are collected and dried to make a very strong coffee! It was actually really good believe it or not, we did not buy any however because it was so expensive! Especially because it was just poop….


Grinding the beans.



Roasting the beans


We also got to sample all of the other types of tea and coffee that was made from this plantation. We ended up leaving with a vanilla bean coffee, a Bali Coffee and a lemongrass tea!


Cheers to poop Coffee!

After the tour we visited a local zoo where I fell madly in love with the elephants.Other then that, the zoo was similar to ours, besides the birds! They had the most exotic birds that they litterally just let fly around! I mean there was a cage over head so they couldnt leave, but they flew any where they wanted! It was really neat.




Hope you have a fantastic day!


Mackenzie A.



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