Ubud, Bali : Monkey Farm


Happy Tuesday all! Hope your having a great week so far!

I wanted to post about our time at the Monkey farm in Ubud. This was on of the craziest things I experienced on my travels over in Indonesia.. a beautiful forest full of monkeys that literally go everywhere and do anything they want! I swear to you at some point I felt like I was in the movie Planet of the Apes.

As cute as the monkeys look,they can also be very aggressive and are very smart! I saw a few monkeys jump on random by passers and started  digging into their pockets! One of the other monkeys stole a hat right off this guys head and there was nothing that poor guy could do about it! So I was very cautious around them, in fact this was the closest I could get if I am honest, I was scared!

I will say that my favorite thing about watching monkeys is how similar they are to humans. I LOVED watching  the families all hanging together and showing love to each other. It was so sweet. Stuff like that  actually makes my heart ache.. in a good way of course.





As sweet as they look, I wouldn’t want to mess with one.


Hope you all have a fantastic Day!

Mackenzie A.


2 thoughts on “Ubud, Bali : Monkey Farm

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