Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.


After our stay in Nusa Dua, we boated two hours over to the Gili Islands which were located in Lombok, Indonesia.

We first stayed at this cute little Island called the Gili Gede where we were basically the only ones in the resort and on the island! The idea of that was really neat at first, but there was literally nothing on the island! No shops, no other restaurants besides the one in the resort.. I mean nothing!  The next day we boated over to the Gili T where  much more was happening. In fact this little Island was probably the most happening of all of the spots we checked out, besides Kuta.


Once on the Island we checked into our room and spent some time cooling down at the hotel pool. I will say our pool here was my least favorite, so we didn’t spend too much time relaxing here. Plus there was so much to do!




After some down time from traveling between Islands, we decided to check out the rest of Gili T  and I think we saw the entire Island in about an hour! It is so small yet there is so much to do! dscn1090dscn1116dscn1115dscn1118img_9809


A tree full of lost sandals!



typical  Perry with his bintang ( beer) and me with my coconut


Fresh Seafood everyday.




Looking back at these pictures makes me want to go back so badly. Life was so simple, easy and carefree!

Cheers to all of you!

Mackenzie A.


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