Lombok, Indonesia.


Last stop on the honeymoon train was Lombok. Little did I know when booking the trip that Lombok was actually not in Bali at all. We took a boat ride from the GiliT over and it took us about 4 hours.

Both Perry and I passed out on the boat ride over and we woke up with the most usually placed  sunburns. Somehow I managed to burn my inner upper thighs and Perry’s chest  burnt oddly around the hair. I don’t know how, considering we lathered up in sunscreen on the boat but I guess that’s what you get for falling asleep on the water!

Lombok felt like you were surrounded in a Forrest which we actually were so thats probably why! It was so pretty! The other neat thing about Lombok was that unlike Bali where the religion is mostly Hindu and Buddhism they were prominently Muslim. Around 5 times a day  the Muslim prayer would come on over this big speaker and  it could be heard throughout the island. It was actually really nice to listen too.


We spent our last days getting massages ( two a day), relaxing by the pool, eating good food and exploring the Island.


Post Massage



these little girls were so cute, they kept following us around asking us questions. It was super sweet.



I was tempted…



Where you could usually always find me. by the pool – reading you are here






Evenings with my love.

Songs of our trip were this one and this one.

Favorite place of all stops Ubud for both of us.

Highs and Lows of trip – High was being together experiencing a once in a life time trip together. Spending everyday with each other for two weeks straight and still not being able to get enough of each other, and just the amount of gratitude we felt for everything in our lives while on this trip. Seeing how others live can really open your eyes to how lucky we really are.

Our lows were very small..the first day on the beach in the ocean Perry’s sun glasses got taken away by the tide and ended up having to wear my extra pair the entire trip! He bought new ones at the airport going home. We also missed our doggy terribly.

Our tans are still kinda hanging on..

Average temperature of the trip was around 31 degrees

We brought back two amazing  hand paintings that we are obsessed with and a lot of weird flavored kit -kat’s such as wasabi, raspberry, green tea, pumpkin!


Hope you all have a fantastic Friday enjoying it with the ones you love!


Mackenzie A.



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