My Adventures with Natural Deodorant.


One of the first things I changed once I decided to go towards the natural side of things was my deodorant. You know, sans Aluminum, Parabens, Silica, Talc, basically all that disgusting junk that is in regular deodorant these days.

Even though I loved the sound of moving over to a natural version, actually finding one that worked was a different story all together…#stinkyasspits

If you’ve been on the pursuit to find a great natural deodorant, you know what I’m talking about. There’s always something wrong and I end up walking around all day smelling like B.O. not fun.. or worth the money.

So for fun, let’s start talk about what didn’t work. The first Deodorant I tried was one from my super market called  Kiss my face ,  I found this particular one actually does nothing to  a) stop sweating or b) make you smell good. In fact it left my pitts feeling sticky and wet all day. The the next brand I tried ( not pictured) was the Toms of Maine. I really wanted to love it because I’m a big fan their of toothpaste, but no. It did not work. It smells lovely for about 20 minutes… but does nothing. I also tried the brand called I Love My Armpits’ deodorant, and I actually hated it. I felt like I was  rubbing stinky green clay under my arms and within hours I smelled like a mix of herbs and B.O. eww.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about what I actually liked:

Meow Meow Tweet – This comes in cream jar formulas.This is the most populardeodorant formula, but I don’t love the idea of putting my deodorant on with my fingers. Other than that, I really likes this stuff. It’s not irritating because it does not contain baking soda and there are three scent: lavender, grapefruit (the one I use), and tea tree. I have to re-apply, but I find it does the trick! If I’m wearing this one, I usually apply in the morning, after work, and then again before bed. So… that’s a bit of a commitment. But if you are cool with reapplying, you get to smell really nice!

Lastly, No Tox Life. Saving the best for the last, and this stuff is the best in my opinion!   It’s a little pricier then the others, and If your Canadian we have to get it ship to us which is even more of a cost.. But the formula is more viscous than the others as it contains  natural enzymes to deodorize and keep you smelling fresh all day. I’ll apply one swipe to each underarm and call it a day!!! ( that’s unheard of in the natural deodorant world) There are also tons of scents ( my fav  is the Earl gray and bay leaf) and I love how it goes on like a typical deodorant does.

I will say, none of these products are perfect, but if you are looking to move over into the natural world or if you have been on the search for a better brand I think that the two brands I liked are really greats purchase and are totally worth the money!

If you’ve found one you love, I’d love to hear it in the comments!

Have a great day,

Mackenzie A.



2 thoughts on “My Adventures with Natural Deodorant.

  1. Really enjoyed your recommendations! I have tried a few as well with mixed results. The No Tox One sounds really promising. My favourite so far has been the schmidt’s natural deodorant. It does come a jar, so a little fussy, but it works really good for me for everyday use.

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