Halloween Playlist and Yoga Sequence


Happy Halloween All!

Saturday night was our friends big Halloween bash and we took a party bus from there house over to a pub. The bus was honestly more fun then the pub! There is something about dancing while driving on a highway that just exhilarates me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

After running out of time and needing to find a costumes ย we decided to take find anything around the house toย see what we could come up with. I ended up being a Hippie ( go figure) ย and Perry a rock-star.. Simple and easy, and we didn’t spend a dime! so it was a win win for us.

Today I have a Yoga Flow class and I wanted to incorporate the Halloween festivities into the lesson plan. I truly believe you should step on your mat and just have fun. So this is me encouraging playing and fun while using a holiday as an excuse!

I call this sequence :

Spooktacular Sequence

  • Pumpkin (Childโ€™s Pose)
  • Black Cat- Start on all fours and round your spine like a black cat, tucking your chin into your chest. Then tuck your toes under and come into a squat โ€“ x 6
  • โ€œvampireโ€ (mountain pose on your toes) โ€“ Reach hands up to the sky stretch high
  • 3 Sun A ( like in the book)
  • Skeleton pose ( Mountain Pose)- open arms to twist to the side ( both)
  • Lung โ€“ Twist โ€“ standing up to open to the side โ€“ Take arm back for revolved Lung
  • other side
  • Vinyasa
  • Twisted DD – FF โ€“ Come up half way with hands to to the side ( as bats) x 5
  • Step back into lung ( arms under front foot ) Witch on broom โ€“low lung – Gate pose ( creep gate)
  • Other side
  • Stick pose โ€“ Cactus arms bring them In and out
  • Aย FLYING WICKED WITCHย (W 3) – Half moon โ€“ Full Moon (arm come ups)
  • Vinyasa
  • Black Crow Pose
  • Cow sitting pose
  • Bridge
  • Frankenstein sit ups
  • Dead bug โ€“ roll up to seated
  • Black Cat- Start on all fours and round your spine like a black cat, tucking your chin into your chest. Then tuck your toes under and come into a squat โ€“ x 3
  • Cobra โ€“ with hand spidered out to the side x 3
  • Wearwolf pose ( Camel)
  • Shoulder stand โ€“ Imagine holding pumpkin on feet
  • Corpse Pose (Savasana)- Roll down onto your back and let your body rest like it’s in a coffin, with your arms out to the sides and legs open slightly wider than the hips.

This is accompanied with my awesome Halloween Playlist which i named:


Beethoven – Moonlight Sontata

Kavinsky -Nightcall

Ella Henderson – Ghost

Rhianna – Disturbia

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Tegan & Sarah – Walking with a Ghost

Annie Lennox – I put a spell on you

Tracy Chapman – Crossroad

Cranberries – Zombie

Alan Walker – Faded

Active Child – Hanging on

Marroon 5 – Come Away withย to the Water

Data Romance – Seasons


There is no illusion greater than fear

We all have them. But itโ€™s safe to say that the bulk of our fears exist as delusions from our minds and our egos.

This Halloween Focus on what you fear. Is there a reason to be scared? Or are there merely an illusion created by your mind?

Mackenzie A.


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