Halloween Playlist and Yoga Sequence


Happy Halloween All!

Saturday night was our friends big Halloween bash and we took a party bus from there house over to a pub. The bus was honestly more fun then the pub! There is something about dancing while driving on a highway that just exhilarates me! 😉

After running out of time and needing to find a costumes  we decided to take find anything around the house to see what we could come up with. I ended up being a Hippie ( go figure)  and Perry a rock-star.. Simple and easy, and we didn’t spend a dime! so it was a win win for us.

Today I have a Yoga Flow class and I wanted to incorporate the Halloween festivities into the lesson plan. I truly believe you should step on your mat and just have fun. So this is me encouraging playing and fun while using a holiday as an excuse!

I call this sequence :

Spooktacular Sequence

  • Pumpkin (Child’s Pose)
  • Black Cat- Start on all fours and round your spine like a black cat, tucking your chin into your chest. Then tuck your toes under and come into a squat – x 6
  • “vampire” (mountain pose on your toes) – Reach hands up to the sky stretch high
  • 3 Sun A ( like in the book)
  • Skeleton pose ( Mountain Pose)- open arms to twist to the side ( both)
  • Lung – Twist – standing up to open to the side – Take arm back for revolved Lung
  • other side
  • Vinyasa
  • Twisted DD – FF – Come up half way with hands to to the side ( as bats) x 5
  • Step back into lung ( arms under front foot ) Witch on broom –low lung – Gate pose ( creep gate)
  • Other side
  • Stick pose – Cactus arms bring them In and out
  • A FLYING WICKED WITCH (W 3) – Half moon – Full Moon (arm come ups)
  • Vinyasa
  • Black Crow Pose
  • Cow sitting pose
  • Bridge
  • Frankenstein sit ups
  • Dead bug – roll up to seated
  • Black Cat- Start on all fours and round your spine like a black cat, tucking your chin into your chest. Then tuck your toes under and come into a squat – x 3
  • Cobra – with hand spidered out to the side x 3
  • Wearwolf pose ( Camel)
  • Shoulder stand – Imagine holding pumpkin on feet
  • Corpse Pose (Savasana)- Roll down onto your back and let your body rest like it’s in a coffin, with your arms out to the sides and legs open slightly wider than the hips.

This is accompanied with my awesome Halloween Playlist which i named:


Beethoven – Moonlight Sontata

Kavinsky -Nightcall

Ella Henderson – Ghost

Rhianna – Disturbia

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Tegan & Sarah – Walking with a Ghost

Annie Lennox – I put a spell on you

Tracy Chapman – Crossroad

Cranberries – Zombie

Alan Walker – Faded

Active Child – Hanging on

Marroon 5 – Come Away with to the Water

Data Romance – Seasons


There is no illusion greater than fear

We all have them. But it’s safe to say that the bulk of our fears exist as delusions from our minds and our egos.

This Halloween Focus on what you fear. Is there a reason to be scared? Or are there merely an illusion created by your mind?

Mackenzie A.


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