Kiss. Kiss.

Good Morning! Happy hump day. Hope this week has been fantastic for you all so far. It’s been a busy one for me but that’s kinda how I like it.

I received this months November Petit Vour Box and its a really  good one this month!


This month’s box was all about hydration, which couldn’t have come for me at a better time considering the colder months dry out my skin like crazy! I’m honestly soaking myself in oils everyday just to keep my skin from cracking these days…

First up is the Red Apple Lipstick– I will start by saying I really loved the color I got! It is totally something i would go for if I were to pick it on my own and its perfect for fall! The non- toxic hydrating lips sticks go on really easy and leaves your lips feeling really soft. I also loved the packaging with all of the little bumps at the base! The one thing I didn’t like about this brand was that it felt a little bit like Halloween costume makeup. It’s hard to explain but maybe it the consistency. img_0289

The next item I received was the Apoterra Tulsi Body Oil –  Like I mentioned above, I have been using body oil on a regular, so I was super pumped to get some new stuff to try. I found this oil to be very light weight and it glided on my skin super easy. I also loved that it has evening primrose it in the ingredients. The nice thing about these oils is that you can add a few drops in your bath or shower or directly on the skin sealing it with a moisturizer afterwards which is what I usually do. If you don’t oil your skin, try it! I promise your skin will never be softer.


I also received another fantastic oil called PAI Serum which is specifically just for the face. This stuff is made from rosehip  which I always put on my face after my toner! Rosehip is fantastic for improving the dullness of your skin, blemishes, dryness and can be known to help with scaring and stretch marks. It says to use without moisturizer but my skin is so dry, I still needed the cream after.


Lastly was this Beldi Soap – This gel like soap is made from olive oil and is rich in vitamin E. It smells just like eucalyptus and leaves your skin feeling super soft! You start by massaging it in your skin and leaving it on for 10 minutes. After the ten mins, I like to rinse it off with a shower brush just to give a little bit of exfoliation. This stuff is really cool ing and hydrating and I loved the way it made my skin feel afterwards.


I love the idea of only adding non-toxic products into my daily routines and these Petit Vour boxes really help me find things I like and want to stick too!

What are some of your favorite non-toxic products?

Mackenzie A.


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