My Magical Day.


Perry and I are officially husband and wife! ( well like 4 months ago, sorry for delay on this post, I was waiting for my pictures to come in).

I wanted my wedding to be magical with a hint of romance  and that relaxed outdoor country feel  — I have Pinterest( of course) / my bridesmaids to thank for the inspiration that slowly brought my vision to life, as well as the huge crue that worked weeks before at the venue.


The morning of the wedding was a little hectic, not going to lie. I barely slept the night before and was up at 6:00 AM thinking about the little things that could go wrong.  My nerves were all over the place and I was feeling super emotional. Thankfully my good Mom, friends/ bridesmaids  were lifesavers in getting me in a good head space and just excited for my wedding and day!

Once we left the hotel room, my wedding present from Perry was waiting outside, it was a car!! You heard me right.. a car!! At that point it had fully hit me. I was on my way to get married!!!  All I could think was, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.. and lucky I didn’t, well.. on the way there anwyay, but I cired the rest of the day haha. what can i say. Im an emotional girl!!

When we were about to pull up to the venue, we noticed that my Groom and the groomsmen were outside on the road because the car they were driving  had died!! It was actually the funnest thing ever, apparently all of our guests were driving by, honking, taking picutres and laughing at the scene.. it was pretty epic! If anyone has one of thoes photos, I would love one!


I was lucky enough to have my mom and dad walk me down the aisle. I love them so much and feel so grateful for all of there support with everything in my life! Walking down the aisle, I was trying to  fight back tears as we made our way closer to Perry, but the tears were coming like it or not. Seeing him at the end of the aisle was the best feeling! It has been such a long day at that point already and all I wanted to do was be next to him.


I will never forget August 27th, 2016 — It really was the best day of my life and can’t imagine it any other way.I LOVE being married, it really is all I ever thought it would be, especially because I was lucky enough to marry my best friend!


I learnt that It takes a village to make a wedding vision come true, and I want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to making this day as special as it was and everyone who attended! We love you all and know this wouldn’t be possible without you.


Song choices:
Walking Down the Aisle: Christina Perri- A Thousand Years 
Bridal Party Entrance: Bloom – PaperKites
First Dance: Ray lamontage – You are the best thing 


Have a great Friday and weekend Friends!

Mackenzie A


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