A Few More Wedding Pics

Good morning all and happy Tuesday! It is officially beyond freezing here (-21 degree’s). BRRRRR! Walking from the train to work has been officially brutal and my thighs are oddly the first thing to go numb.. must think of something to use to cover my thighs.  Luckily I am currently writing  this wrapped up in my cozy shall scarf and a hot cup cinnamon golden milk, so I can’t complain. 😉

I wanted to share a few more photos we got back from our wedding. I actually just received all of these photos last week ( talk about a long waiting period) and I am in LOVE. I feel like the photos give a good sense of the place we got married on and just the outdoor laid back vibe I was going for.



This was the entrance of the farm.



Sunflowers.. so many sunflowers. love.


I mean, look at the back drop. Mother nature.. you are amazing!



This is actually one of my favorite photos of us. It relaxed and casual just like us.


We had the most amazing fireworks that night and I swear they lasted for 10 minutes.. maybe longer. They were honestly the best fireworks I and probably most people have ever seen. It was defiantly a high of the night.


This was actually in an under ground grotto.. you know like Hugh Hefner has…just minus the women in bikinis.


Hope you all have a great rest of your day and you are staying warm!

Mackenzie A.


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