Happy Monday All!

Hope you had a great weekend! Monday is once again here and I have been dreading Monday’s lately especially with how cold it has been. This tends to make my Sundays  bittersweet. I still have the day off which is fantastic, but the thought of Monday starts lingering around by the afternoon.

What I have found to help combat the Sunday blues is basically a  day of self-care/  prep. I find doing this makes me feel more prepared and less anxious about Monday!

Here are main things I always like to do on my  Sunday evenings:

Coconut and Castro Oil Hair MaskEvery Sunday, I like to make sure to later my hair in these oils and I will leave it for about 30 minutes ( longer if you have time). I find that it not only makes my hair super soft and shiny but it also makes my hair smell so nice!

Exfoliate + face mask. Sundays are the only days I really have to spend some extra time and focus on my skin. I exfoliate then follow-up with a face mask or masks, I usually do this at the same time as my hair mask and shower it all off together. I Exfoliate using a AHA cleanser  and the mask I have been using lately is this one.

Dry brush + oil. This happens every other day, but If I’m in the mood I’ll take a relaxing bath and add in some body oil. I  like to dry brush my body before I go into the tub or shower and follow-up with  moisturizer on top of the body oil. It’s super dry so the layers of moisturizer is  very much needed. I love this dry brush and this is the oil I use.

Wash sheets. There isn’t anything better than clean sheets; In fact it is one of our favorite feelings! So I love starting the week with fresh washed sheets, it helps us look forward to getting into bed even with Monday on the other side.

Prep smoothies. I like to put all of my smoothie ingredients in my cup and blend it in the morning with some coconut water.This makes the morning much faster!

Clean out my purse. I do a quick clean of my bag and toss anything that I don’t need. I also  like to organize my gym bag and work bag so I am as organized as possible on Monday.

Then I like to just chill and relax, maybe watch some Netflix, read, hang out with Perry  and just enjoy my last few hours of my weekend.

How do you get ready for Monday? I would love to hear about it in the comments.



Mackenzie A


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