Life lately


How are you guys doing? I’m good!
Perry and I went out of town this weekend to the same place that he proposed to me exactly one year ago Saturday.  It was a really nice time– a nice change-up from the norm and really nice to spend some quality time together reflecting what this year has brought us. All I know is that this year has been awesome and I cant wait to see when next year brings. Not sure what this week looks like for me, probably just finishing some holidays shopping and trying to stay warm in this very cold winter we are  having. 😦


I decided to complie a list of a few things I have been up to at the moment.

Listening: to Up &Up by cold play all day long— I feel like I should be listening to Christmas music.. but I just can’t get enough of this song and it makes me want to dance where ever I go!

Reading: this book— Everyday to and from work on the train. Such a good  read.

Watching: Fuller house and Gilmore girls on Netflix.I love being able to flop on the couch and just  watch something mindless. For me, these are just feel good shows that always put me in a good mood afterwards.
Smelling: Spa Spirit – Sage infuser. When i was in Indonesia, I bought myself this awesome volcano rock necklaces, once I got home I learnt that the volcano rock actually absorbs any therapeutic oils and so i have been walking around smelling like essential oils . LOVE!Loving: The wonderful Christmas vibes in the city! The lights, the festive drinks, smells.. just the general cheer that is around on a day-to-day basis right now.

Working on: Eating for my hormones ( this will be a blog post on its own). I feel like this stuff should have been taught to us women in school.. but hey, it’s never too late to learn something new!

Wanting: Some clarity.. my life is literally shifting  right now  ( Thanks full moon) which has been causing a ton of changes.. some good.. just  different, all for the best! I just find that change can be hard and Im working through it.

Needing: better quality sleep.I have been waking up still feeling tired. I must not be getting a very good sleep at nights… not sure how to change this, but it is something I am now aware of and i will be working on figuring out whats going on.

Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS!!!!

 Happy Tuesday ,
Mackenzie A

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