Christmas Traditions


Since Perry and I are now married, I really wanted to start creating our very own Christmas  traditions that we can carry on to our family one day. One of the things I really wanted to start doing every year is visit the annual Zoo lights that happen right here in town at our local zoo!

So this year, we meet up with a few friends, garbed some hot chocolate, walked around the zoo admiring all of the lights and talking about what the year has brought for us. I honeslty could not have been happier being there enjoying all of the things I truly love about Christmas ( hot chocolate, lights, layers and friends 🙂 ).

The Zoo does a fantastic job of putting up a ton of lights throughout the park as well as a ton of little Christmas displays, they also have cute little fire pits throughout the park which really helps combat the cold!


The tunnel of love!



Our attempt at getting a selfie in front of this heart! hahaha

I didn’t actually get a lot of photos from Zoo lights,it just  gets so dark here so early now  and the pictures didn’t turn out the best anyway. Which also leads me to one of my New Year resolutions which is to learn how to take better pictures.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions ? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Until Next Year Folks!

Stay Safe.



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